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To Support individuals
to reach their full potential


Stage One: Capital Campaigns

  • ICT Centers and E-Library in Universities
  • University Hostels
  • Classroom space
  • Hospital and clinic expansions (emergency rooms, bed space, physician housing)

Stage Two: Water/WASH Development

  • Bore holes
  • Water Stations
  • Sanitation Education

Stage Three: Power Development

  • Solar farm development
  • Shared solar energy development (revenue generation)

Stage Four: Farm/Ranch Expansion

  • Small plot development and training for farmers
  • Advanced farm techniques
  • Farm to market processing

Stage Five: Maintenance Development

  • Cadre of paid locals to provide grounds and service maintenance
  • Skilled staff paid to provide ongoing technical maintenance

Stage Six: Social Impact/ Revenue Generation

  • Fabrication, packaging and marketing
  • Crop development and market development
  • Art Marketing and sales.

Stage Seven: Job training/ Work Readiness

  • Skills training and education
  • STEAM education
  • Educational scholarships.

Stage Eight: Medical/ Clinical Equipment and Staffing

  • Prioritization of clinical/medical equipment in primary, secondary and tertiary clinics
  • Clinical staff development
  • Mental health service development
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